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Top Tricks And Tips on Training Your Dog - The Paw Professor

Tip 1 - Make obedience training fun

You’ll find that your dog will learn faster when toys or food are involved to keep their focus. Trying a variety of different toys and food will help you understand what works best for your dog.

Tip 2 - Keep your training sessions short

You don’t want your dog getting fed up or bored. Just like us humans learning a new skill, it’s better to practice for short bursts regularly. 5-10 minutes per day is a perfect time for training your pooch.

Tip 3 - Always Finish on a positive

Training can be difficult for everyone, especially at the start. The key is not to get frustrated and always try to finish on a happy note with your dog.

Tip 4 - Bring energy and enthusiasm

Your dog loves you and if you show good energy and enthusiasm during the training sessions, you’ll find that they will bounce off this energy. This will make them excited about the next training session. Your dog loves you and if you show good energy and enthusiasm during the training sessions, you’ll find that they will bounce off this energy. This will make them excited about the next training session.

Tip 5 - Take baby steps

Training is tough, especially when learning something new. Help your dog out by keeping the distractions to a minimum when learning. Once your dog gets more confident with a command, you can slowly start to introduce distractions down the line.

Tip 6 - find what triggers your dog

Does your dog respond better to particular treats, praise, or toys? If so, find a way to incorporate this into your training routine for maximum results!

Tip 7 - use simple commands

Dogs aren’t great at sentences. Remember, the ‘words’ are only half of it, be sure to keep the tones different. Timing and consistency is crucial when training your dog; your dog will only get confused if they hear too many commands.

Tip 8 - Beginner steps for loose lead walking

Use your high value treat to teach your pooch the correct position just beside your left leg.  Don’t let him or her proceed forward when the lead has tension and the collar is pulling on the neck!

Remember – each time you allow the dog to pull, you are effectively teaching your dog that tension on the lead means you can walk.  We want them to learn that no tension, (whether this is from a harness or a collar) is the key ingredient to walk.

Tip 9 - Be careful of using distractions to stop puppy biting

Think about this next time your puppy is biting your arm or leg and you give it a toy to distract it.  By giving it a toy, you are effectively teaching the dog to repeat biting you in order to get the toy.  

Tip 10 - Don’t let your dog fail you on recall

When practising recall, use high-value treats and keep the distractions to a minimum.  Most importantly, if you are not 100% confident that your pooch will listen, then don’t try the exercise without having him/her on a long lead.

Saying ‘Come’ and the dog not responding only teaches him/her that the command is negotiable.

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We understand you might be a bit sceptical. You may have tried and failed with other methods of training, either in person or online. You may have purchased video training systems that just didn’t work well for your dog. The Paw Professor® system is unique in that it has been ‘industry proven’ and trusted by thousands of dog owners right around the world.

Here’s what our happy customers say about us

Absolute Genius. Mitch has a very real approach to dog training and just does what works the quickest. Mitch’s video program got us sorted within the hour with all our problems.

Quentin & Spot

We both want to thank Mitch so much, his no nonsense approach was refreshing. In less than 30  minutes our once difficult to control Labrador was walking off leash as we always hoped.

Ian & Sunny

Would highly recommend Mitch. Did wonders with our 2 high energy chocolate labs. We went from not being able to leave the house without chaos to being able to walk calmly off lead socialising at our local dog friendly creek.

I can highly recommend Mitch as in one session I have seen the results in my two German Shepherds.  My 3 year old has a very high drive and pulled terribly, the other is an extremely nervous 9 month old from previous owners.  

Mitch is a down to earth, honest and easy going gentleman. One session with him had resolved many issues I faced as a novice dog owner. I am very happy and have recommended him to others who are in need of professional guidance. 

We would give more than 5 stars if possible! My husband and I highly recommend Mitch, we can’t thank him enough for helping us with our young German Shepherd. In only one session he had him walking well on a lead and socialising with other dogs. 

I can’t thank Mitch enough for his help with our staffy. He was uncontrollable and pulled on the leash constantly. Within an hour our dog could walk off leash and was a lot calmer.

I saw Mitch with my 7mo GSP Bruno so both Bruno and I could learn some tools to make our time together better. Mitch had Bruno & I trained in around 1.5hrs & now Bruno walks on a loose lead and recalls.